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Momodora 12th anniversary


It's the 12th anniversary of the Momodora series. Time sure flies the more the years go by...

On this date last year we shared with you a short gameplay teaser trailer of the new installment of the series, Momodora: Moonlit Farewell. This title is the final chapter in the story of Momo and Dora, and thus I feel we have to do our very best to bring a game of decent quality to everyone who's waiting for it.

This year I want to talk about some features of the game and share a few screenshots.

The protagonist of this game and the character you control is Momo. It's been 5 years since the story of Momodora 3, and a mysterious force threatens the village of Koho...!

Naturally, she is not completely alone in her mission. Dora has a presence in several cutscenes and important moments of this story, and there are also other helpers who appear every now and then to lend support.

One of these characters is Cereza, an unexperienced priestess who is chosen to act as a assistant for Momo. She can be found in several areas of the game, and through her interactions Momo is able to take a break from exploring to chit chat and relax.

Concept sketch I drew of her many years ago

On a pure gameplay front, she is also responsible for creating Sigils, which are equippable items that grant Momo passive abilities.

Regarding the development schedule and news about the release of the game: the scheduling got a bit out of hand because of a combination of burnout and constant iterating on the game's systems and concepts. There's still plenty of testing left to do and finishing touches to apply to this game.

We are currently targetting a potential 2023 release on Steam for this project. It'd be really good if we could make that date, but just in case we don't... My apologies in advance!

Hope this was an enjoyable read. As always, my thanks for the continued support throughout all these years.

See you next time!



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