Bombservice is a small group of independent developers who spend far too much time procrastinating. We make the Momodora games!

Momodora is a series of action-platformers. Exclusively designed for Windows computers, the games involve adventures in the lands of KoHo, inspired by many classic games from the past, as well as modern titles with well-rounded gameplay!


Older games:

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MOMODORA (2010, Windows): The first game in the series follows the story of Isadora, an orphaned child who goes into a forbidden land to attempt to ressurect her mother.
It's a challenging arcade game packed with 8 stages.
The game won second place in's "Top Freeware Platformers 2010", and was featured twice in Destructoid.

>Download MOMODORA I

>Download MOMODORA I (mirror #1)

>Download MOMODORA I (mirror #2)


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MOMODORA II (2011, Windows): Released a year after the first Momodora, this sequel is much more polished and improved in every aspect. It also abandoned the previous arcade-like progression for a more explorational gameplay. Momodora II follows the story of Momo, a priestess who is on a mission to banish evil nearby her home village.
It was released to much praise, and featured in sites such as Gamasutra, Tigsource, RGCD, the Indie Games Blog and Gamespy.


>Download MOMODORA II (mirror #1)

>Download MOMODORA II (mirror #2)


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